Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the Section and conducts, manages, and directs the business and affairs of the Section in accordance with the ACS Governing Documents and our bylaws. The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Section (Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer), the Immediate Past Chair, the Councilor(s), and Alternate Councilor(s), and the chairs of the standing committees.

Portrait of Cristina Padilla Cintron

Cristina Padilla-Cintron

Chair (2022)

The Chair presides at Section meetings, carries out the Committee's decisions and recommendations, appoints committee chairs and committee members, and carries out any other duties required.

Portrait of Deepika Malhotra

Deepika Malhotra

Chair-Elect (2022), Program Chair

The Chair-Elect assists the Chair with the direction and management of the Section and takes on the duties of the Chair in the Chair's absence.

Portrait of Shirmir Branch

Shirmir Branch

Secretary (2022)

The Secretary maintains records for the Section and Executive Committee, including membership lists and reports to ACS as required.

Katherine Koh

Treasurer (2022)

The Treasurer keeps records of all financial transactions, disburses funds as needed, and maintains the financial health of the Section.

Portrait of Mariefel Olarte

Mariefel Olarte


The Immediate Past Chair prepares the Section's annual report and serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee.

Headshot of Anna Cavinato

Anna Cavinato

Councilor (2022), Diversity Chair

The Councilor attends and represents the Section at the ACS Council meetings.

Portrait of David Heldebrant

David Heldebrant

Alt. Councilor (2022)

The Alternate Councilor attends and represents the Section at meetings the Councilor cannot attend.

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Standing Committees

Portrait of Mariefel Olarte

Mariefel Olarte

Awards Chair

Awards Committee

Chair: Mariefel Olarte

The Awards Committee solicits nominations for the Section awards and other nominations supported by the Section as well as provides narrative description for their award candidacy:

  • Section award Local Section Volunteer of the Year
  • National award ACS Fellow
  • Regional award ACS E. Ann Nalley Northwest Regional Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society
Headshot of Anna Cavinato

Anna Cavinato

Diversity Chair

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Anna Cavinato

The Diversity & Inclusion committee is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where members feel respected and connected to one another. The committee organizes events that celebrate diversity, foster dialog around DEI&R issues and promote and strengthen participation of underrepresented minorities at all levels in the chemical sciences.

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Colby Heideman

Education Chair

Education Committee

Chair: Colby Heideman

The Education Committee monitors and advocates for all educational outreach by the Section as well as provides a direct communications channel to the Executive Committee for Student Chapters and their Chapter Advisors. The committee also helps guide the Section’s activities to increase and dissemination of chemical knowledge; promote of scientific interests and inquiry; and foster public STEM awareness and education.

Portrait of Kristin Omberg

Kristin Omberg

Government Affairs Chair

Government Affairs Committee

Chair: Kristin Omberg

The Government Affairs Committee increases the visibility of scientists as an important interest group in the public policy arena by empowering the Section’s members to effectively advocate for chemistry, the chemical enterprise, and the importance of science in public policy.

Sandra Fiskum

Membership Chair

Membership Committee

Chair: Sandra Fiskum

The Membership Committee endeavors to maintain and increase the membership of the Section. This includes outreach to new members to welcome them, and working with the Public Relations Committee to reach members. 

Portrait of Mariefel Olarte

Mariefel Olarte

Nominations Chair

Nominations Committee

Chair: Mariefel Olarte

Committee works to solicit nominees for Executive Committee positions in time for voting and then provide the slate of officer candidates to the Executive Committee for approval.

Portrait of Deepika Malhotra

Deepika Malhotra

Program Chair

Program Committee

Chair: Deepika Malhotra

The Program Committee arranges the regular programs and may, with the concurrence of the Chair of the Section, schedule special meetings and programs. The committee organizes the Annual ACS Honors and Awards Ceremony and others. The Chair-Elect serves as the chair of the Program Committee.

Portrait of Steve Krogsrud

Steve Krogsrud

Public Relations Chair

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Steve Krogsrud

The Public Relations Committee keeps the Section’s members and affiliates as well as the public informed about the activities of the Section. The Newsletter Editor and Webmaster are members of the Public Relations Committee.

Portrait of Shirmir Branch

Shirmir Branch

Women Chemists Chair

Women Chemists Committee

Chair: Shirmir Branch

The Women Chemists Committee advocates for women chemists; helps them integrate into and advance in their careers and scientific fields; and helps guide women chemists and early professionals into a successful career and active involvement in the ACS with an emphasis on community outreach and mentoring.

Other Leaders

Portrait of Matthew Monroe

Matthew Monroe

Website Team

Headshot of Dr. Ram Devanthan

Ram Devanthan

NOR Board Representative

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Newsletter Team

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